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Rena Black, Coordinator of Youth Ministry


Youth ministry is the responsibility of the entire parish! That is why you will see the young people of St. Bernadette serving and being served across the spectrum of the parish community. Every person who smiles at, shakes the hand of, encourages, parents, mentors, prays for, or otherwise impacts a young person is doing youth ministry!

However, having “a Youth Ministry” also means that we intentionally focus on parishioners in the age group from grade six through the senior year of high school (and on their families). We believe they are part of the Church RIGHT NOW! (they are not just the “Church of tomorrow”!) We create experiences to empower them, to help them to grow, and to support them in this very fruitful time of their lives.

Some of the particular ways that St. Bernadette provides opportunities for our young people to grow, to lead, and to serve include:
The Youth Leadership Council and Youth Ministry Events
Middle and High School Faith Formation
Confirmation Preparation for Youth
SPIRIT Teen Music Ensemble

The Youth Leadership Council & Youth Ministry Events

The YLC is a group of teens and adults gathers monthly to plan, execute, and evaluate our youth ministry events. All teens and all STAND-cleared adults are welcome to participate in the YLC. Contact the Youth Office for more information on joining the YLC.

 ***All of our events are open to ALL middle and high school youth whether or not they participate in the planning! There’s something for everyone to enjoy:
(1) BEING AND SERVING TOGETHER: We keep a regular rhythm of relaxed social and service-oriented gatherings for both middle and high school youth:
a. Summer Drop Ins
b. High School Afterparties
c.Middle School Service Parties (serving local agencies like Sarah’s House, Ronald McDonald House, local nursing homes, and more!) d. Middle School Activity Nights (Movies, games, ice cream socials)
e. Middle and High School Christmas Parties (always involving some form of service!)

(2) EXPLORING THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH: We participate in a number of larger-scale and interparish events like:
a. The 30 Hour Famine & the World Vision Benefit Coffeehouse
b. BYCC (Baltimore Youth Catholic Conference)
c. NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference)
d. Middle School Summer Madness
e. Regional Middle and High School Events

(3) GIVING BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY: We serve by supporting parish-wide community events, including:
a. Parish Picnic
b. Advent Wreathmaking
c. Support to the Liturgy Committee in decorating for Christmas (and, later, taking down those decorations for Ordinary Time)
d. Easter Egg Hunt

YLC Vision (2012) Through the activities of the Youth Leadership Council, we will strive to:

  • foster an awareness of our faith
  • maintain a focus on the Catholic community, including our parish, cluster, region, and Archdiocese
  • provide realism and empowerment allowing people to use their gifts for the betterment of the community
  • model discipleship and provide opportunities challenging youth and adults to be followers of Christ
  • provide a safe social environment providing unique experiences not encountered often.
Middle and High School Faith Formation

For sixteen Sunday evenings during the school year, we fill the entire parish building with young people who gather to learn about faith, build community, and share themselves in service and conversation. Teen and adult aides and catechists serve as the guides through all of the many topics and experiences covered in grade six through eight and in two years of high school.

For more information on Faith Formation for all our parishioners, check out our Faith Formation page.

For details on serving as a catechist or aide, contact the Youth Office.

 Confirmation Preparation for Youth

Confirmation is an awesome Sacrament and a great opportunity for a teen to focus his or her relationship with God, with others, and with him- or herself. This time of preparation is meant to catapult the newly Confirmed teen into full, conscious, and active participation in the life and mission of the Church!

 A team of adults and peers plans and facilitates the annual Confirmation Retreat, a highlight for many candidates. A second team of adults serves as small-group mentors during the formation sessions that follow, walking with the candidates as they continue to reflect and act on their faith.

For details on preparing for Confirmation, please check out our Sacraments page.

For details on serving with the Confirmation Retreat Team, Confirmation Peer Ministry, or Confirmation mentors, contact the Youth Office.

SPIRIT Teen Music Ensemble

Liturgical music is a fantastic way for teens to share their gifts with the Body of Christ and to grow in understanding of our best prayer, the Mass! Youth singers, instrumentalists, and musicians of all types are welcome.

For more information about SPIRIT, please check out the Music Ministry page or contact our Director of Music Ministry, Geoff Rohrbach.

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