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It is Raining Birthdays (March)

Cows and Morogoro (March)

Buhemba Continued (February)

Buhemba (February)

A Day in the Life (January)

The New Year (January)


Christmas Time in Morogoro (December)

Phillip's Party (December)

Phillip's Perpetual Vows (December)

Prep for Final Vows and English Class (December)

Butiama Continued (November)

Postcards and Butiama (November)

Phillip and Joseph (November)

Jordan Catholic University (October)

The Path I Walk (October)

Mosses, Vitalis and Yohana (October)

Back in Morogoro: Market and our Fruit Trees (October)

More Photos of the Serengeti (September)

Beginning of Novitiate in Butiama (September)

A Trip to the Serengeti (September)

Drive to Butiama (September)

Fixing the Water (September)

A Trip to the Market (August)

Renewal of Vows in Morogoro (August)

Getting Settled in Morogoro, Tanzania (August)

Arrival in Tanzania (August)

Roman Renewal ProgramMentorella (July)

Roman Renewal Program
Catacombs of San Sebastian (July)

Roman Renewal Program
Archives and Vatican Gardens (July)

Roman Renewal Program and
Tivoli Water Gardens (June)

Fr. Raphael Ma's Ordination and
Roman Renewal (June)

Provincial Chapter and Retreat (June)

Mount Graduation and St. Bernadette Farewell (May-June)

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