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Confirmation Preparation at St. Bernadette Parish

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Confirmation?
Who is the Confirmation preparation process for?
What does Confirmation preparation entail?
How can I learn more?

What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is a Sacrament of Initiation and so is rooted in our Baptism! Many Catholics view the Sacrament of Confirmation as a type of “graduation.” The Sacrament of Confirmation does not signify the end of your religious education or formation. Likewise, it is not the end of the parents’ responsibilities either. The idea that “I just have to get my kid their Sacraments” is not only a bad idea—it’s bad theology. Confirmation is not an end; it’s a new beginning!

Who is the Confirmation preparation process for?
In order for a teen to enroll in the Confirmation preparation process at St. Bernadette, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • BAPTISM: Candidates for Confirmation must be baptized Christians, since Baptism is the foundation for all other Sacraments. Potential candidates who are not Baptized, who have not received their First Eucharist, or who wish to celebrate Reconciliation for the first time (or would like help returning to Reconciliation) should contact the Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Rena Black, as soon as possible.
  • SCHOOL YEAR: Candidates must be preparing to enter 10th, 11th or 12th grade at the time of the Discernment Meeting. High school graduates and other adults seeking Confirmation should contact our Pastoral Associate, Dan Miller, to seek preparation for Confirmation through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.
  • CATECHETICAL FOUNDATION: As per Archdiocesan guidelines, candidates for Confirmation must have a foundation of understanding in the faith (called “remote preparation”). This requirement may be fulfilled by completion of a full year of Faith Formation for one year immediately prior to beginning Confirmation preparation, and/or attendance at a Catholic school for one year immediately prior to beginning Confirmation preparation. Candidates are also required to attend religious education or Catholic school during the year of preparation (“immediate preparation”) in order to supplement the sacramental, personal, and spiritual components of the preparation process with continued catechesis.
  • WILLINGNESS TO EXPLORE AND DISCERN THE SACRAMENT: The Sacrament of Confirmation should only be undertaken if the candidate him- or herself wishes to do so. While candidates may choose to postpone the sacrament at any time during the preparation process (and candidates need not be perfectly certain about their choice to enter preparation!), parents of a potential candidate who feels strongly that he or she is not ready to pursue the sacrament are encouraged to allow him or her to postpone the process at the start. Confirmation can be received at any age, including later years of high school or adulthood.

How can I learn more?
For more information about the preparation process for the current Confirmation cohort, check out the Confirmation Homepage.
For information about future cohorts or general questions about the process, please contact our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Rena Black (410-969-2781).

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